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NPNGonline™ Car Seat Gap Filler

NPNGonline™ Car Seat Gap Filler

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Prevent Items Like Your Phone, Credit Card & More From Falling Through The Gap Between Your Seat and The Console!

 These troubles can be put to an end with this car seat gap filler! Between the seat and center console, it securely holds items such as phones, keys, wallets, etc.
NoGap™ - Car Seat Gap Filler – Ieverna

Prevents items from falling

 Fill the gap between the car seat and the console. The spill-proof filler strip prevents keys, change, jewelry, makeup, pens, lighters, cell phones and cards from sliding into the gaps.

Easy to Install

You just need to connect the built-in connection buckle to the buckle and insert the gap pad into the gap.

Durable Material 

The seat gap filler for the car is made of flexible material and a sponge inside. It is easy to clean, waterproof and can be used for a long time

Multiple Applications

Car seat gap filler is perfect for preventing keys, lighters and other items from falling into the bottom of the car. It is widely used and great for preventing small objects from falling.


  • Material. PU
  • Quantity. 1 pair
  • Color: black/Green/Gray/Red/Brown/Beige
  • Function: Fill in the seat gaps Compatibility

Package Includes

  • 2PCS Seat Gap Filler
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