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NPNGonline™ Fire Extinguishers Tent Boat Emergency Blanket

NPNGonline™ Fire Extinguishers Tent Boat Emergency Blanket

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This is exactly the essential item you must possess. It is a fire blanket that works as a safety tool to extinguish fires at their starting stage and eliminate any chances of it spreading.
During fire emergencies, you can put the emergency blanket over the area where the fire has begun and it will douse the fire without injuring the one handling it. You can also wrap this blanket around yourself to escape safely from a fire.

Unlike the usual blankets, this one is made from heavy fire-resistant, non-toxic fiberglass that blocks oxygen supply and smothers the fire at once. It can withstand as high as 500° C temperature and protect you from accidental fires. Since it is compact, you can also teach your children how to use the blanket as there isn’t any complicated procedure involved and during emergencies, your kids will know what is the next best thing to do.It is a lightweight package that can be set up in an easily accessible place in any corner of the room.

Easy to Use: Unlike heavy metal extinguishers that need proper learning before operating it, a fire extinguishing blanket is easy to use. All you have to do is pull down the tabs and remove the blanket that is inside the bag, then spread it open and put it over the fire to extinguish it. Though we always advise that you call fire emergency services first, however, in the meantime you can use this blanket to control the situation on your end.

Fire Retardant; Premium Quality: The blanket is created out of premium-grade fiberglass and is thoroughly tried and tested. So if you have any second thoughts about its competency, you must know it is verified to meet EN-1869: 1997 standards.

Useful in Both Grease and Liquid Fires: It sometimes happens that a fire breaks out in the kitchen during cooking due to the oil used. In such situations, the blanket can be easily put over the fire and it won’t spread. Similarly, if any petroleum product goes up in flames or any sort of lubricant sets ablaze, you can take control over it using this blanket


  • Size: 1M*1M
  • Color: White
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Package Size: Approx. 29 * 18 * 3.5cm
  • Package Weight: 498-1406g / 1.1-3.1lb

Package includes

  • 1 * Fire Blanket
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Customer Reviews

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Fire Extinguishers Tent Boat Emergency Blanket

I recently purchased the Fire Extinguishers Tent Boat Emergency Blanket from NPNG, and I'm thoroughly impressed. Its compact size makes it perfect for storing in my boat or tent without taking up much space. The blanket's quality is top-notch, providing peace of mind in emergency situations. Its multi-functionality as both a fire extinguisher and emergency blanket makes it a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast or safety-conscious individual. Highly recommended for its reliability and convenience!