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NPNGonline™ Garden Tool Sharpener

NPNGonline™ Garden Tool Sharpener

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Bring your old garden tools back to life!
Make your job easier and increase safety with sharp gardening tools!


 Renew and Sharpen Your Garden Tools - Allows you to sharpen most blades to as sharp as new in just two or three strokes. Big Money Saver – Save money on replacing old garden tools.

Sharpify® | Garden Tool Sharpener – NextGenGardening™

 Diamond Polished Carbide Blade – Equipped with a blade that is made from one of the hardest materials known to provide years of reliable use. Corrosion resistance and long life – The sharpening of the blades can be reversed, which doubles their life. The garden tool sharpener does not rust and can be easily cleaned with soap and water.


Safe to Use & Equipped with a full-length guard to protect your fingers during the entire sharpening process. It is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users. For Garden Tools & Kitchen Knives – Designed for sharpening all garden tools such as lawn mower blades, pruning shears, hoes, shovels, scythes and more. It can also be used to sharpen kitchen knives.


A sharp hoe can quickly cut through the soil to separate weeds. But a blunt hoe will require more effort and may not do as good a job as a sharp hoe. This applies to all garden tools. You also keep your plants healthier with sharp tools. Blunt pruning shears can tear the stems and create an infection. Sharp scissors make clean cuts that heal quickly.

Portable Knife Sharpener, Garden Tool Sharpener Tungsten Carbide Steel  Blade Cutter Sharpens for Home Outdoor Knives Pruning Shears Household  Kitchen Cutters Working Scissors : Garden


  • Material: ABS plastic + tungsten steel blade + PP handle
  • Color: Green
  • Weight: 50g
  • Size: 14.5*6*3CM

Package includes

  • 1 x Garden Tool Sharpener
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Customer Reviews

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Garden Tool Sharpener

I recently purchased the Garden Tool Sharpener from NPNG, and it's been a game-changer for me. Its simple design makes sharpening my gardening tools effortless and efficient. The results are remarkable - my tools are now razor-sharp, making gardening tasks smoother and more enjoyable. Plus, its durability ensures it'll be a staple in my gardening arsenal for years to come. Highly recommend to anyone looking to maintain their tools with ease!